Waterline Boathouse

Waterline Boathouse Website Design and PhotographyWaterline Boathouse came to us with a vision of revamping their whole business with a brand new website and photography package. They had finished undergoing renovations on the business and now wanted a fresh new website to compliment the business, where they could easily advertise and sell their boat hire and sup/kayak hire services online.

We started with some photography to get them on their way! A day was allocated where it was beautiful and sunny weather (a regular thing in this part of the world!) and we secured some models for the day to send out on all of the Waterline Boathouse hire craft to show them in use. This was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves – you could hardly call it work!

Once the photographs were all taken, we then proceeded to give their ageing website a complete redesign from the ground up, keeping in mind their guidelines of a creating a clean, vibrant and fun looking website that made it easy to see what services they offered and for customers to book directly through the website.

Overall, the client was very happy with the end result and have recorded many new sales made as a result of their completely custom website! That’s how we roll baby!

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Client Name:

Waterline Boathouse

Website: https://waterlineboathouse.com.au/

Website Design Client - Waterline Boathouse