Website hosting is a fundamental requirement of any website – think of it like a parking spot on the Internet, and your website needs somewhere to “park” so that everyone else can see it!

With all our sites we offer secure and reliable hosting plans that are installed on world class servers located right here in Australia, with the added security and reliability of being Australia’s largest hosting infrastructure.

We can take all the hassle and confusion away from you by installing your new hosting package, connecting your domain name (www.) to your hosting and setting up email accounts for you.

Get Your Professional Email

After you’ve purchased your Domain Name you may want to get your professional looking email to go with it (e.g. We understand you’re busy running your own business, so we can set this all up for you and provide updates to your hosting which will be included in your monthly hosting fee.

Hosting Fees

Hosting fees can range from $25-$50 per month, depending on varying options with your hosting package and your requirements. To make things a little simpler for both yourself and for us we just charge this in 6 monthly increments.

Feeling up for a chat?

We’re available to speak with over the phone or we can come and visit at your place of business. Give us a call on 0481 263 766 to discuss setting up your domain name/hosting package – it’s free to talk to us and we would love to hear from you!