Website Subscription Plans

A website is an important investment for any business to make, in order to grow and become successful.

You might already know this, but have put off getting a new website for your business because you’re not sure if you have the money available to spend up front, for the website you want. Websites can be an expensive investment, we’re not gonna lie. But, compared to most other forms of digital advertising out there these days, it’s actually one of the cheaper options now!

At Kazam Creative, we pride ourselves on our flexibility in being able to work within budgets and offer competitive pricing. A lot of our clients have been surprised at the extra care we give and our over and above service. See for yourself HERE.

support small business

One of our passions is supporting small business in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley Region and we love partnering with local businesses to really boost their online profile. We completely understand as a small business, it’s difficult sometimes to manage your funds, as everyone wants a piece of you! To help you get your business online and be able to afford it we have created some Website Subscription Plans that will let you have a professionally made, fresh and functional custom website for less than the price of 2 coffees a day!

Think it of like Netflix but for websites! Only, after 12 months you own your website outright, unlike other website builders where not only do you have to build your website yourself, but you have to pay a monthly fee FOREVER (or your website disappears).

Website Subscription Plans

Below are 2 general need subscription plans we have created to make life easier! Of course, we also offer one page brochure websites as well and if you are needing something a bit more we can also tailor a package to suit you as well.

Basic Website Subscription Plan

  • 5 – 12 page website
  • For non eCommerce websites
  • Standard email contact forms
  • Includes 12 months website hosting and domain registration
  • Minimum 12 month contract

eCommerce Website Subscription Plan

  • 5 – 25 page website
  • Only for eCommerce websites
  • Comprehensive contact forms
  • Includes 12 months website hosting and domain registration
  • Minimum 12 month contract

Both of the above payment options also include:

  • 1 hour free training session on how to use your website and update things yourself.
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation comes standard.
  • Google Analytics (to monitor your website statistics).
  • Indexing of your website to Google (so you can be found in search results!).
  • And best of all, a professional website built for you by a professional!

Let’s Chat!

We’re available to speak with you over the phone or we can come and visit at your place of business! Give us a call on 0481 263 766 to discuss any of our Subscription Plans – it’s free to talk to us and we would love to hear from you!