Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting Explained

What do you need to start building a website?

There are 3 main things you need to get your business online with a new website: Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting and a Website Designer (like Kazam!).

So what do these terms mean and how can they be best explained?

Domain Name Registration Services

Domain Name Registration

The domain name for your website is the “”. Think of the domain name for a website like the number plates on your car (yes, really! Bear with us). You will continue to own the plates as long as you pay for your yearly registration. Once you stop renewing them, they will expire and you will eventually have to give back your licence plates.

This is kind of how domain name registration works also! To register your website’s domain name, you will need to purchase it through what’s called a “Registrar” and pay the yearly cost for it. This is usually only about $25 a year, depending on what you wish your website to end with (, .net, .org, .biz etc).

Website Hosting in Newcastle

Website Hosting

Website Hosting can be compared with leasing a shop or office premises for your business. For customers to be able to see your business and buy goods and services from you, they need to be able to visit your store right? You will also need to pay a monthly lease fee to keep your store there for everyone to see.

Website hosting is pretty much the same! The monthly fees for website hosting are quite reasonable, ranging from about $20-$50 per month (equates to roughly 2 coffees a week!). The bigger the space is that you need to rent for your website, the more you will need to pay. There are also many other factors with website hosting that this analogy just can’t describe! Factors like Bandwidth, CPU and Memory Allowance, which are all important things that WE need to consider for you when setting up your website hosting. Without boring you, these are just components of your website hosting that will ensure your website will load as fast as possible and run perfectly.

At Kazam Creative, we can help you with all these factors and can recommend the best hosting package suitable to your website. We also provide FREE professional email accounts and a FREE SSL Certificate with every website hosting package purchased with us – just one less thing you have to worry about!

If your current website hosting service is not suitable anymore or not living up to your expectations, why not phone or email us so we can help your website reach its full potential!