Using Website Companies That Claim To Be “Industry Experts”

Should You Hire an “Industry Specialist” to design your website?

Quite often, when someone is looking to get a new website built for their business, they may well start their Google search with their industry as part of the search terms, hoping that they come across an “expert” in designing websites in their industry. Think of accommodation websites” or medical/health websites for this example.

While there are some benefits to hiring a website developer who has experience in your industry, at the end of the day it can potentially be a futile investment in the long run, with a company that may pigeonhole your business or sell you a “one size fits all” approach.

Why is that relevant?

Well, for example, just because you own an accommodation business, it doesn’t mean your business will be the same as all the other accommodation businesses. There are many different business types under this umbrella. Boutique Hotels, Mainstream Hotel or Motel, 2 star or 5 star, Bed and Breakfast, Apartments, Luxury Lodges, Budget Cabins…..the list goes on. What goes into building a successful website

Although some of these self-proclaimed industry experts may be able to help with your new website design, there are many out there that are capitalising on you “needing” a website for your particular industry, as you may think that this is the only way to get a website that specifically suits your business.

Quite often you are simply sold a template or theme that many other businesses are also using. Right away, the unique nature of YOUR business flies out the window. Also, these themes or templates may not actually suit your business at all!

What is important, when thinking about a new website for your business, is to find someone that is willing to take the time to learn about you and your business: what makes it tick, what are your strengths, what sets you apart from your competition? There are so many components to think about when building a website and these components need to be the right fit for you, not just the industry that your business belongs to as a whole.

The goal of a unique website design is to make a website that fits your business, not to try and fit your business around a pre-made website theme or “single lane” approach.

Custom Websites for YOUR Business!

The team at Kazam Creative have many years of experience building websites for a variety of different businesses. What makes these websites successful is that we take the time to learn about you as individuals and how you want to portray your business online, as well as learning about what your goals are. Then we develop a unique plan that is custom to YOUR business, not just the type of business you have.

It is important for a website design business to be honest and transparent through this process and to come up with fresh ideas and alternatives that will help your business achieve its full potential!

If you want to sit down with us one day for an obligation free chat over a coffee (our shout!!) or give us a call on 0431 259 549 or email, we can show you how we can develop a unique website plan that is tailored to your business.

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