Website Design Services in Newcastle

Website design is where we make magic!

Our skilled website designers in Newcastle have over 18 years experience and focus mainly in creating modern, functional websites and graphics for your online project.

We have developed hundreds of websites for many different clients over the years, where we have learnt what most people want out of their website – for it to be simple, clean and easy to use!

Website Design in Newcastle, NSW | Kazam Creative

We won’t sell you website design services that you don’t need!

We provide you with a completely customised approach that will suit your specific type of business, meaning eliminating components that you won’t actually need. We WILL NEVER sell you things that you don’t need – our honesty and transparency means we will only suggest things that we know will help your website and never up-sell services that are irrelevant to your business! We also DO NOT purchase cheap website templates and then charge you an arm and a leg for them. All of our websites are custom designed using a skeleton framework for optimum website speed, which we then construct a design around to make it specifically suited to your business.

Our website packages can include the following:

  • Brochure Style Website – these are typically a one page website that feature just the basics of your business services: business name, contact details, a list of your services available and a simple enquiry form for customers to get in touch with you. These are typically suited to small sole trader businesses such as lawn maintenance, builders, plumbers etc.
    Benefits: Super affordable, simple to understand, gets your business listed in Google and gets you being found by potential customers on the Internet.
  • Business Website – One of a kind website solution to suit your unique business! This is the typical package used for most clients we’ve worked with. It can include things such as a list of your business services/products, current projects, accommodation listings, gig guides, complex booking and enquiry forms, event calendars – the possibilities are seriously endless!!!
    Benefits: Affordable, individually designed and 100% flexible, created to suit YOUR UNIQUE BUSINESS, ability to update all the content yourself, search engine optimised and found in Google, websites that display perfectly on mobile phones and tablets.
  • eCommerce Website – Selling products online is the fastest and easiest way to help your business grow. It’s actually a lot cheaper than signing up with one of those local directories where they place your ad in a book. We give you the ability to upload all of your products to sell through your online store, built in to your very own eCommerce website. Customise your individual shipping methods and costs, offer coupons and discounts for bulk ordering or wholesale clients, encourage cross-selling of similar products, install multiple payment methods for customers (AfterPay, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Cheque, PayPal), inventory management and automate all your after-sales emails.We proudly use the WooCommerce platform for all of our eCommerce websites, which has grown in popularity so much that it has become the leading eCommerce platform on the Internet! Find out more about eCommerce and online stores here.
    Benefits: Sell online, professional best quality design, ability to upload products yourself, process credit card payments, multiple shipping methods available, designed for maximum results in search engines.
Selling products online is the fastest and easiest way to help your business grow!

Website Design in Newcastle

How much will my website cost?

Websites can range in price from $1,000 up to $6,000 or more, depending on your objectives and requirements. For example, an eCommerce website has much more functionality required to operate, so these usually start from around $2,600 (including all start-up costs and ongoing training).

Next we have the ongoing costs that all websites need. These include:

  • Domain Name Registration – This is the address for people to find your business (e.g. Domain names start at $25 per year, which includes FREE professional email accounts ( and ongoing support.
  • Website Hosting – Your website needs to be stored online on a secure, fast and reliable web server, which is where website hosting comes in – think of it like a parking spot on the Internet. Costs range from $15 to $50 per month, based on what type of website you require. Important configurations are then made and maintained on your hosting package (don’t worry, we handle all of this and it’s not an extra expense!). Find out more about our Website Hosting Services.
  • Website Development – This is where we design and build your website, where it goes from a graphic mock-up to a fully functioning, interactive website. We create professionally built websites using a custom framework designed specifically for your business.

Website Design in Newcastle, NSW | Kazam CreativeI have no idea what you just said!

We have a great news article entitled “Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting Explained” if you would like to learn more about these website design services we provide.

Search Engine Optimisation
(not “Optimization”, we’re not American!)

Once your website has ticked all the boxes and we go live with it, you may wish to conduct a more advanced SEO Campaign or a Google Ads campaign to help promote your website. This is purely optional, as part of our service to you in the beginning is performing standard SEO and letting search engines know your website exists. This is not instantaneous and can take some time (sometimes a few weeks), as search engines will not display your website in their results until their bots have crawled through your website’s pages and indexed them.

You can learn a little bit more about Search Engine Optimisation here.

Let’s Chat!

We’re available to speak with over the phone or we can come and visit at your place of business. Give us a call on 0431 259 549 to discuss your online marketing ideas – it’s free to talk to us and we would love to hear from you!