SEO Services in Newcastle

Search Engine Optimisation Services in Newcastle NSWSEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of creating finely tuned content for your website that will ultimately improve the quality and the quantity of website traffic (visitors) to your website. This involves trying to make your website become an “authoritative” source of content in your particular industry by providing visitors with the exact information that they’re looking for!

It’s our job as web designers in Newcastle to develop all of our brand new websites with SEO techniques already at the forefront of our minds, so that every single image or paragraph of text uploaded to the website has been optimised to ensure you are found by the right people you wish to connect with your business!

Say, for example you operate a taxation business – you don’t want people coming to your website that are looking for kids clothing or electronic equipment do you!

Ensure you are found by the right people you wish to connect with your business!

Increase Your Ranking

Probably the most important aspect of SEO is your ranking. Everyone wants their website listed on page 1 of Google and it’s only natural that you would want the same! Get your website ranked higher in Google by utilising great keywords, internal linking and various other website techniques to gain and maintain a higher ranking for your business!

Gain Quality Traffic

Get your website and your business found by the right people! It’s pretty simple when you think about it – you don’t want visitors coming to your website searching for farm machinery when your business sells beach towels, right?! Using SEO to its maximum potential can help you start improving the quality of your organic (unpaid) visitors to your website!

Increase Your ROI

Every website visitor is a potential customer, so once we’ve managed to get them there we then need to convert them from browsers to buyers! One important factor is to make sure your website is responsive across all devices. With the explosive growth of mobile phones and tablets, more purchases are being made using these devices now than desktop PC’s!

Search Engine Optimisation Services in Lake Macquarie NSW

Sifting Through the SEO Gurus (there are a lot!)

Lastly, there is a vast amount of Internet Marketing businesses out there all selling their advanced SEO skills and Google Ads packages – which is great to have healthy competition, it keeps us all honest doesn’t it ;)

We’re not trying to say that we (Kazam) are the best at this in the industry (frankly, no one can truthfully make that claim!) but be careful about who you do end up choosing. We’ve come across other website design and SEO businesses that have even misspelled the word “Optimisation” as “Optimization”! It’s a simple mistake of course, but we think if you’re business is based in Australia and gets its customers from Australia then we should probably be spelling our words in the correct form of English!

You need to make sure the team you get to manage your website has a sound understanding of SEO practices and you shouldn’t be paying extra for it either. The only case where you should pay a bit more is if you want your website to be ranked number 1 in search engines for your chosen keywords, which is quite a hard feat to achieve these days. That’s why we need to charge for our time here as we will need to do perform further work on a completed website (this is usually broken up over a few months of fine-tuning and tweaking keywords and phrases on your website) to give it a little encouragement to move up in the ranks. That makes sense right?!

If you do wish to get your website ranking higher in search engines, feel free to give us a call and have a chat! No expectations, we’ll just be happy to point you in the right direction and hopefully answer some of the confusing stuff for you. We’ll even shout the coffee!