Kings Valley Egyptian Cuisine

The small coastal town of Forster is relishing some added cultural cuisine brought straight from Egypt, with Kings Valley Egyptian Restaurant opening up in town! Their menu brings many different elements from recipes handed down through generations of the owner’s Egyptian family. They’ve done an amazing job at creating a wonderful space that is so much more than just food, which is evident the moment you walk through the front doors and are greeted by large pharaoh statues!

Much like the amazing job Kings Valley has done at establishing themselves in the community, it was then up to us to create an amazing looking website that could help portray a strong Egyptian feel through the design, just the same as they have done in their restaurant. This included the collection and use of design elements such as hieroglyphics, relevant photographs and various Arabic style graphics.

What we’ve come up with as a result is a completely custom and unique website design for them which helps convey the restaurant’s own style of elegance and culture to set it apart from their competition – in the words of the client:

“I love it – well done!”

Logo Design

As they were a brand new restaurant without any current branding as such, we were also employed to come up with a logo design for their restaurant. This involved a fair bit of back and forth with the client to reach a design they would be very happy with and would also help convey the Egyptian style through careful font selection and hieroglyphics.

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The hieroglyphics used in the logo are real and actually translate to the owner and his daughter’s name!

Client Name:

Kings Valley Egyptian Cuisine


Website Design Client - Kings Valley Egyptian Cuisine