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Coast Food for ThoughtWe were recently asked by the team at Coast Food for Thought to conduct a bit of a refresh on their ageing food blog website. Upon closer inspection we discovered the original theme used for the website was many years old and no longer supported by the original developer, as well as having a lot of plugins that were slowing the website down and were unable to be upgraded anymore. It had also lost its ability to be compatible with mobile devices. This led us to providing two options for them; either tidy up the website a little and hope that it continues working, or providing a fresh, clean and future-proofed custom theme that would solve all the previous issues, include the latest features and functionality currently available and most of all provide a website back to the client that will last for many years to come. I’m glad we were able to go with the second option for them and give them a fantastic “gourmet” website!

We finished this particular build within 2 weeks, which the client was very happy about and they absolutely loved the new design we had created for them!

One of the other great features of having their website rebuilt was that it has become lightning fast to load, serving up excellent results in website performance tests.

We encourage you to go and have a look at the awesome work of Margaret, Nick, David and Anne, all experts in their fields and serving up (pardon the pun!) some fantastic recipes, high quality video production and lifestyle ideas that we can all enjoy!

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